Safe Option of Shipping Your Dangerous Goods

As a company, we are dedicated to ensure a high standard of safety. To ensure the utmost security, we double-check all booking information and inspect containers if deemed necessary. We want our clients to know that no matter where they are, we are working to keep lives, environment, cargos, and assets secure.

Led Directly by Our Dangerous Goods Experts

From certification and cargo acceptance through to loss prevention and current Dangerous Goods Regulations, our experienced specialists and customer service agents are available to assist you with every element of the shipping procedure.

Our personnel are trained to handle, pack, or repack all types of dangerous goods according to IATA and Marine (IMDG) regulations. Tailored to meet market demands, our personnel are trained to respond as quickly as possible to your packaging needs.

And in the future, we are continuously innovating to provide solllutions that exceeds our customers expectation about shipping dangerous goods.

Warehousing Service

From our strategic network of storage facilities, CSB Logistics manages your end-to-end warehousing and logistics distribution, ensuring that your customers’ needs are met.

Sea Freight

Sea transport carries about 90% of all global trade — and even more in some countries.

Custom Brockerage

Prerequisites such as compliance and clearances must be efficiently managed to enable seamless mobility.

Gallery of Dangerous Goods