Customs Consulting at Your Service

We are prepared to provide various types of consultations in the field of system development and handling procedures related to imports and exports in order to fulfill import and export trade procedures and or problems related to customs. We are well-prepared with expertise and long experience in the customs affairs. 

Our teams helps in acquiring import and export clearance in the most compliant, cost-effective and efficient way.

Custom-made Solutions with Expertise

Customs services are essential for every multinational business on the planet. We are determined to make your customs process simple in an increasingly complex marketplace. By getting to know your business on a professional level, we can implement the best possible solution for your needs.

Dangerous Goods

As a company, we are dedicated to ensure a high standard of safety. To ensure the utmost security, we double-check all booking information

Warehouse Service

From our strategic network of storage facilities, CSB Logistics manages your end-to-end warehousing and logistics distribution, ensuring that your customers’ needs are met.

Custom Brockerage

Prerequisites such as compliance and clearances must be efficiently managed to enable seamless mobility.

Gallery of Customs Consulting